Message from Honorary Chief Mentor

It is difficult to recollect since when camera became my shadow following me from center of the city to remote tracks of Bengal. I have received immense blessings, affection and love from people, camera , be it still or moving has an incalculable contribution to it. To put it in a simple words I had a Life… made it larger.

I believe camera is a very important medium to portray life. It is a photograph that can bestow life to a non living object. Still photography is a classical art that has evolved into perfection over a century by now. This part of the country is a creative talent hub, that needs proper exploration be it film, music, photography or any other art form. Bengal needs a larger than life photography institute that will not only teach students how to shoot but also impart expertise to master the craft. I am happy to be associated with a noble cause like this.

Prosenjit Chatterjee needs no introduction at all. Affectionately known as Bumba Da , undoubtedly the most famous personality of Bengal. The National Award winner actor is the biggest superstar of Bengal and heartthrob of millions of people. We are honored and privileged to get him beside us.